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Writing Update

My WIP epic fantasy trilogy is nearly complete! Book one, Null Device, is done and on its way out to agents. Books two and three just need one more round of edits, but it’ll be a long time before they see the light of day, since Null Device has to get through the publishing gauntlet first.

(My wife just finished reading the draft of book three, and she burst into tears at the end. Success!)

On the horror front, I’m getting ready to open The Noctrium’s 2019 season. You can expect the first new ghost story in June. This year’s schedule will culminate with the release of Pages of Dust: Volume 4.

Finally, the Chilling Tales for Dark Nights anthology, of which I am a part, is still happening. There have been several delays stemming from a multitude of sources, but progress is being made. If you want to follow that project more closely, you can subscribe to any of Chilling Tales’ social media accounts.

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